…as we begin a seismic transition in the life of the LHT.

LHT Mt. Rose Preserve

The LHT is a gem for the public and a treasure for us as its trustees.

Thank you for selecting me (David Sandahl) as your Board Chair. In the few weeks I have been easing into the Chair responsibilities, I have witnessed the hard work, imagination, dedication, and vision that you, as trustees, bring to your roles. There have also been daily inspirations by Eleanor and Becky as exemplars of devoted community service.

Once a year, we, as trustees, get to show our financial commitment to the LHT.

Whether we contribute $100 or $1,000, or even more, we confirm our commitment to the LHT as a solid organization. Funders look closely to see that 100% of our trustees make a financial commitment.

LHT Rosedale Park Oct 21 2020
LHT Rosedale Bridge

I hope everyone will do their part to ratchet up the overall Board support for our Annual Appeal.

Please look back at your previous level of support and find a way to step up a bit higher. (If your records are fuzzy, we can help you figure things out.) This is one more way to say “thank you!” to Eleanor and Becky for their decades of devoted service and to confirm our commitment to all the good we will do together.

您对 Lawrence Hopewell Trail Corporation 的捐款可以免税。

我们通过 PayPal 接受主要信用卡。

请将支票和汇票抬头写为“Lawrence Hopewell Trail”,然后邮寄至:

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