Saturday Morning Walking Club

Walking Club is cancelled.

With heavy hearts we have decided to cancel Saturday Morning Walking Club due to rising COVID-19 transmission rates here in New Jersey and around the country. We’ll be back when it’s safe to walk together.

But we can still get out on the LHT individually for some fresh air, light and peace. And while we’re out, let’s take photos. If we each visit our favorite segments, take pictures and upload them, we can create a beautiful collage to share on the LHT website. It’ll be like a great, crowd-sourced virtual walk! You might even discover parts of the trail you’ve never seen before.

And remember, while you’re walking, to track your miles and join us on our Journey to the Moon. We’re getting closer every day!

Find our more about Journey to the Moon.
Enter your miles here.
Upload your photos here.

Thanks to all who trail fans who submit pictures from their walks!

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