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Whether walking, biking, running, birdwatching, or walking the dog, we all use trails – and now more than ever. National reports have indicated a 100 to 200 percent increase in trail use over the last few months while our cities and towns have been on stay-at-home or stay-close-to-home orders. The LHT is a community resource, built and managed by the community, for the community. And it takes a community of trail users to maintain a safe and inclusive experience for all. Here are some tips.

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Spring: Getting back into your exercise routine.

Now that days are warmer and we have more daylight, there are fewer excuses for us to stay inside. So, its time to get back out and enjoy the trail. And a little exercise and sunlight is good for everyone after more time at home than usual. But, like many people, if...

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Trails for All

The LHT is your local community trail. We hope you walk, run, ride your bike or walk the dog on it! But did you know there are trails all around you? The trails movement is a national effort to promote health, recreation, environment, alternative transportation, and...

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Trail Etiquette and Safety

The Lawrence Hopewell Trail (LHT) is a multipurpose trail, open to bicyclists, walkers, joggers, hikers and skaters. Please be courteous to all trail users. The LHT is open year-round from dawn to dusk, weather permitting. If snow or rain renders any segment of the...

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First Aid for the Trail

Accidents can happen, even on short trips along the trail. If an accident happens, here are some basic things to remember.  Scene Safety Assess the scene. What happened & what caused the accident? Look around quickly to determine if the cause...

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LHT in Winter

Don't let the cold winter months trap you and your family indoors. Winter is a great time to get out on the trail. Here are 5 reminders to help you plan ahead and prepare for safe and fun winter outdoor activities.  Clothing This will be...

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It takes a whole community to make something this good. Thank you for your support!


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