Well if it isn’t the LHT’s own Doug Caum starring in a new video from the New Jersey State Parks, Forests & Historic Sites! It’s a handy one, too — Doug talks about tick safety.

We are in the midst of tick season — about late spring through fall. And tick season is no joke. But this video will help you continue to enjoy the great outdoors despite these little disease-carrying arachnids. Some tips: You can avoid tick bites by staying on trails and out of areas with taller weeds and grasses; you can spot ticks more easily on light clothing; and it helps to wear long sleeves and pants. Bug spray with DEET, eucalyptus and cedar oils, and apple cider vinegar can repel ticks but checking for them early and often is the best way to prevent infection.

If you get bitten — listen to Doug! Remove the insect with tweezers; clean with soap and treat with antibiotic cream; and monitor the bite. It can take 24 hours or more for the tick to transmit infection and can take a week or longer for symptoms.

Stay safe out there. And thanks, Doug!

LHT Doug Caum

Courtesy of Doug Caum