Literally: The Stony Brook Pedestrian Bridge Wins Excellence Award

LHT Rosedale Bridge

The New Jersey Recreation and Park Association (NJRPA) awarded the Mercer County Park Commission its Excellence in Design award for the Stony Brook Pedestrian Bridge in Mercer Meadows. The award — based on the quality of public use, recreation, and park facilities with unique aesthetics, design, usability, and versatility — was presented at the Summit Family Aquatic Center in Summit, New Jersey on Wednesday, May 26th.

The bridge’s construction was part of a significant LHT reroute through the Rosedale section of Mercer Meadows. The reroute shifted a popular portion of trail off a busy roadway and into previously inaccessible parts of the park. “The addition of the bridge has enhanced the features of Mercer Meadows, extending a network of trails and creating new routes” said County Executive Brian M. Hughes. “This has been a great benefit to the community and new visitors to the park throughout the pandemic.”

We celebrated the grand opening of the Stony Brook Pedestrian Bridge with a virtual ceremony and video last July — that makes this impressive bridge nearly one-year old!

Congrats to the Mercer County Park Commission! And if you haven’t already crossed our fabulous, award-winning bridge — check it out.