On August 15, 2018, LHT Board member Dr. Jill Young, a family medicine physician at  Capital Health Primary Care-Quakerbridge, and her colleague Dr. Kimberly Levitt, also a family medicine physician at Capital Health Primary Care-Quakerbridge, led a discussion of the importance of avoiding common injuries while walking or running. The decision to walk or run and how far should be tailored to personal goals and current fitness levels with gradual progression from one level to the next.  Drs. Young and Levitt emphasized the importance of paying attention to pain and discomfort.  The adage, “no pain, no gain,” has no basis in fact.  Pain and serious discomfort are signs that medical attention might be needed.  Steven Banks, a physical therapist in Capital Health’s Rehabilitation Services Department, stressed the importance of appropriate warm-up and stretching techniques and demonstrated them.  He noted that some forms of discomfort, such as lower leg soreness might be a signal that your shoes are not providing the support you need.

The three medical experts agreed on the importance of the proper footwear.  Indeed, it does start with the feet!  Brian Rosener,

manager of the Princeton Running Company,  highlighted the importance of investing in a high-quality shoe for walking and running.  No one brand is best.  What is more important than the brand is the fit.  He discussed the elements of good fit.  Because fit is key, there is no substitute for being fitted by a knowledgeable salesperson who will take into consideration the condition of your feet, your gait, exercise preferences, and even whether your existing shoes have some life left in them.

Following the seminar which was held at the Hunt House at Mercer Meadows Park, Dr. Jill Young led a 2-mile walk through the park along the Lawrence Hopewell Trail.

Docs on the Trail:  It Starts with the Feet is the second seminar sponsored by Capital Health System in collaboration with the Lawrence Hopewell Trail.  Other seminars are planned.  Send suggestions for topics to info@lhtrail.org.