Now that days are warmer and we have more daylight, there are fewer excuses for us to stay inside. So, its time to get back out and enjoy the trail. And a little exercise and sunlight is good for everyone after more time at home than usual.

But, like many people, if you haven’t been exercising outdoors regularly these last few months, here are a few suggestions to make your transition easy and healthy.

Check your equipment. Whatever activity or sport you choose to do, make sure your equipment and clothing is in good shape. Have your bike tuned-up, or get yourself a new pair of walking / running shoes.

Start small. Pick a short distance or time for your activity and let your body get used to the movement. Do this for your first few outings.

Simple stretches before and after you exercise will help your body warm up and stay loose.

Stay hydrated. Make sure you have enough water before, during, and after your activity.

Make it regular. If you go for a run on Saturday, but then not again for two weeks, it will feel like the first time all over again. Find time to exercise regularly- even if its only once or twice a week for 30 minutes. Once you find that routine, it will be easier to do.