FRI NOV 27, 2020



The Lawrence Hopewell Trail joins REI Co-Op in encouraging everyone to opt outside, rather than shopping on Black Friday, November 27, 2020.

Since 2015, REI Co-op has closed on Black Friday and paid its employees to get outside. In the world of retail, this is an extraordinary move, but one the LHT admires. REI encourages its employees, its customers, and everyone to enjoy precious time outside. #OptOutside is not just about Black Friday. It has become a mindset. It is about choosing to spend more time outside all year round and recognizing the importance the outdoors has on our health and well-being.

The LHT and REI believe that this effort can play an important role in celebrating our shared enjoyment of the trail and the beauty of the outdoors. We encourage you to take this opportunity to get out on the trail, and to discover how much we have in common, not only with nature, but with each other.

2020 REI Opt Outside Winners

Thanks to everyone who participated!

Neil R

Neil R

“With work and school from home and our families not being able to join us for the holidays the LHT trails have been our sanctuary. Spending time discovering the outdoors all over again has been great family time and a hobby that we will share long after the pandemic is over.”

Mary P

“My family and I love the LHT trail. We have spent many long hot summer walks and many cold snowy walks on all of the various trails. It is such a peaceful area and we feel grateful to have such easy access to it! Thank you!”

Maria V

Maria V

“Archie (dog) loves hiking with his human parents on LHT. He enjoys exploring new paths and making new friends. This is a beautiful trail with breathtaking views of meadows, various paths through forests, a lake, and some historic buildings. As you walk through the park, there are playgrounds, tennis and basketball courts, an outdoor gym, and a dog park. There are plenty of safe outdoor activities to choose from for all ages! Especially now during these isolating times in the midst of a pandemic, LHT offers a great outlet for people in our community to get out, get fresh air, and just clear your mind all while social distancing and wearing masks!”

Donna A

Donna A

“Nina (and I) use the LHT almost daily, in different sections. It is an invaluable public resource – connecting us to the outdoors and communities to each other. Thx for making it happen for all of us.”

LHT Image Summer Pramer

Photo by Summer Pramer

Here’s how it works…

1. Walk, ride, run & enjoy the LHT on Black Friday – Friday, November 27.

2. When you encounter a Trail Mix poster (pictured above), take a photo of yourself, friends, or family (and the poster!)

3. Send the photo to: or upload HERE

4. Congrats! You are entered to win an REI gift card. Winners and photos will be shared on the LHT website.

5. Don’t forget to add your miles to the Journey to the Moon!

Remember to wear a mask and walk/ride/run socially distanced from others. Thank you.

Feel free to contact us with questions at

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