1 mile


SURFACE: Stone Dust

START / END:  Lewisville Road – Lawrenceville Road (206)

ACCESS:  Access to the LHT is from Lewisville Road or Lawrenceville Road.



The Lawrenceville School segment of the LHT travels through the school’s scenic 700 acre-campus. The segment begins as the trail crosses to the north side of Lewisville Drive and follows a gravel road heading west along the perimeter of Woods Fields. Merging onto a paved road, the LHT turns north as it heads into the main part of the Lawrenceville School. The trail passes the Getz Sports Complex and through a large parking lot adjacent to the Loucks Ice Center and Lavino Field House. Continuing through the campus, the LHT passes student residential buildings, and tennis complex before arriving at the main entrance to the campus at Lawrenceville Road (Route 206).

The Lawrenceville School National Historic Landmark is a 17-acre historic district on the campus of the Lawrenceville School. The old campus area, built in 1894–1895, was designed by the landscape designer Frederick Law Olmsted.

The Lawrenceville School segment is owned and managed by the Lawrenceville School.

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