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COVID Safety: Please bring a mask to wear when maintaining a safe distance from others isn’t possible.

DISTANCE: .6 miles


SURFACE: Pavement

START / END:  Main Street/Gordon Road – Bergen Street/Craven Lane

ACCESS: Access to the LHT is from Lawrenceville Main Street or Bergen Street.

PARKING: Parking is available in lots on the west side of Lawrenceville Main Street (Route 206). 


The Lawrenceville Main Street segment of the LHT travels through Lawrenceville’s historic downtown streets. The segment begins as the trail crosses to the north side of Lawrenceville Road and along Gordon Avenue for a short distance before turning west onto James Street. Following James Street for a short block, the trail crosses Phillip Avenue and onto a section of the Johnson Trolley Line. The LHT follows the gravel pathway of the Johnson Trolley Line for 0.1 mile, turns onto Craven Lane, and follows this residential street for 0.35 miles to Bergen Street.

Lawrenceville Main Street is a historically rich location with associations to the early colonial settlement of Maidenhead, and the American Revolution. The village of Lawrenceville has buildings of individual significance and also a distinctive historic character that sets it apart from its surroundings. The village is listed as a historic district at the national, state, and local level. Many houses, taverns, and farm houses of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries are scattered throughout the district along with one of the state’s oldest Presbyterian churches and two cemeteries.

A short section of LHT north of Main Street follows the former Johnson Trolley Line. The 2-story brick building at the southeast corner of James Street and Phillips Avenue is the former trolley company station/office/powerhouse. The northern section of the Johnson Trolley Line follows the right-of-way abandoned by the former Trenton-Princeton Traction Company. Known as the “Fast Line,” the trolley operated from around 1901 until 1940.

The Lawrenceville Main Street segment is managed by the Lawrence Township.