1.4 miles


SURFACE: Pavement

START / END:  Province Line Road – Rosedale Road/Mya Drive

ACCESS:  Access to the LHT is from Province Line Road or Rosedale Road



The ETS Segment begins on Province Line Road. The route turns west across from Audubon Drive and follows paved trail to ETS Drive. The LHT continues west parallel to Assessment Drive to its’ southernmost point near large parking areas. There is a sign kiosk and the paved trail continues south through a tree-lined lane to Rosedale Road across from Mya Drive.

The LHT also makes a loop through the ETS campus following ETS Drive and Research Road.

The LHT trail winds its way through the parking lots and lanes of ETS campus. Established in 1947 as a private non-profit education testing and assessment organization. The 347-acre campus has some architecturally interesting buildings and landscape features and is one of the oldest corporate campuses in the region.

The ETS segment is owned and managed by ETS.