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COVID Safety: Please bring a mask to wear when maintaining a safe distance from others isn’t possible.

DISTANCE: 1.5 miles


SURFACE: Pavement, Stone Dust

START / END:  Rosedale Road / Mya Drive – Carson Road

ACCESS:  Access to the LHT through Carson Road Woods is from the intersection of Rosedale Road and Mya Drive at the north end, or from Carson Road at the southern end.

PARKING:  There is on-road parking along Mya Drive and a gravel parking area on the north side of Carson Road approximately 0.2 miles west of Province Line Road.


The Carson Road Woods segment of the LHT begins on the south side of Rosedale Road at Mya Drive. After crossing Rosedale Road from the ETS segment (segment 4) the trail follows Mya Drive for 0.15 miles before turning right (west) on Benedek Road. Benedek Road turns into Belleview Terrace as it rounds a corner. The LHT leaves the paved residential street and turns south across cobblestone pavers into Carson Road Woods. The trail winds through scenic forest and farmland for 0.95 miles to Carson Road.

Carson Road Woods is Lawrence Township’s largest municipal parkland dedicated to passive recreation. At 183 acres, the area supports a large variety of plant and animal life, including many native NJ plant species.

The Carson Road Woods segment is preserved open space owned by Lawrence Township. The area is co-managed by the Friends of Carson Road Woods.

LHT Art on the Trail Summer Pramer
LHT Carson Road Woods photo by Sarah Gilbert