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Slavery in Maidenhead

Welcome to History Along the LHT

As it meanders through Lawrence and Hopewell Townships, the LHT passes through many locations that reflect centuries of the diverse history of this corner of Mercer County. From ancient trees to colonial thoroughfares to abandoned grist mills to remnants of the trolley era, local history sprouts from the trail at every turn. Now the LHT is bringing this history to life for the tens of thousands of residents and visitors who use the trail each year. Thanks to organizations like the Hopewell Valley Historical Society, we are able to tell a more complete story about the places traversed by the LHT. Visit them at hopewellvalleyhistory.org.

Can I share a story about Slavery in Maidenhead?

Yes. Right here.

Are there more signs on the LHT?

Yes. Click Here for a map of the History Signs on the LHT.

Can I see this sign on the LHT website?

Yes. Click Here to View the Slavery in Maidenhead Sign page on the LHT website.