LHT Winter Bingo

Click the Bingo board image above to download your copy.

LHT Bingo Cardinal photo by JohnSaveria Photography

Photo by Uccelli Photography, also known as JohnSaveria Photography

LHT image by John Marshall

Photo by John Marshall


Check Out Winter Trail Bingo!

It’s cold out. The pandemic is keeping us from doing so many of the things we love to do. You’re frustrated. The kids are frustrated.

Can we make a fun (and free) suggestion? Print out our LHT Winter Bingo card, bundle up the crew, and set out for a cool weather walk on our 22-miles of trail. You’ll get some air and exercise, you’ll relieve some stress, and you’ll get your kids engaged in nature and the scenery along the trail.

Look for cardinals and squirrels; spiderwebs and paw prints; colorful leaves and deer. Play for a five in a row on today’s walk; or keep your cards until you fill the board. And have fun!

LHT Ducks by Kara Boone
Photo by Kara Boone
LHT Carson Woods by Sarah Gilbert

Photo by Sarah Gilbert


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