Let’s go for a walk!

On Saturday, July 13, walking enthusiasts, outdoorsy folks, nature lovers and other friends and neighbors are invited to join our club – the LHT Saturday Morning Walking Club. This walk brings people together to enjoy the biking and walking trail that loops through Lawrence and Hopewell Townships.

“Make room, book clubs, moms groups, sports teams, coffee klatches, neighborhood groups. We now have another way to get together to enjoy each other and our community – through the LHT Saturday Morning Walking Club,” said Taylor. “The club is intentionally informal, with a minimum of fuss. We’ll meet at different places throughout the year so that we can take advantage of the different sites and views of the Trail. Wear comfortable shoes, of course!”
These walks will take place on the second Saturday of each month. The goal is to introduce walkers to various parts of the trail in 2019. Each month the LHT will announce the route for the next walk.

About the Lawrence Hopewell Trail

The Lawrence Hopewell Trail (LHT) is a 22+ mile bicycle and pedestrian trail and transportation corridor through public and private land in Lawrence and Hopewell Townships in Mercer County, N.J. The LHT supports an active, livable and sustainable community with alternative forms of transportation to reduce the reliance on automobiles. It also promotes health and fitness, recreation and outdoor education. The Lawrence Hopewell Trail Corporation is a nonprofit organization that depends on the community for support. It is not supported by local tax dollars. The LHT is a key member of the Circuit Trails, an 850-mile network of bicycle and pedestrian trails connecting people to jobs, communities, and parks in the Greater Philadelphia Region. For more information about the LHT, please visit