Maidenhead Meadows will be the focus of the September 11 walk

Next Saturday members of the Lawrence Hopewell Trail’s Saturday Morning Walking Club — and newcomers, of course — will take their first walk through Maidenhead Meadows. They will start along the establish stretch of the LHT, which runs parallel to Princeton Pike. They will also check out the area where 2,150 feet of elevated boardwalk will be built, perhaps as early as next spring.

What will be one of the most distinctive stretches of the LHT, the elevated walk

The walk will start at the northern parking lot of Maidenhead Meadows, adjacent to Foxcroft Road. A parking lot there will probably accommodate about 20 cars. If participants fill up that lot, others are encouraged to park along Foxcroft Road and cross over Princeton Pike at the lighted road crossing to meet the rest of the walkers.

Walkers will walk along the existing trail, visit the site of the slated construction and then continue on a trail loop around a section of old nursery, where trees are lined up in rows.

The walk will be about 1.5 miles, and we’ll return to the northern parking lot around 10:30. Here’s the map and the google locator.

LHT SMWC Maidenhead Meadows