The Lawrence Hopewell Trail (LHT) has unveiled a new website that helps bicyclists and pedestrians learn more about the multipurpose trail that runs through Lawrence and Hopewell Townships in Mercer County.  The new website at was designed by Novita Issue Communications and includes timely LHT updates, intense graphics, route maps and segment-by-segment breakdowns.

“We worked to create a better, more user-friendly internet site that will help residents find their way around the LHT with greater ease,” said Eleanor V. Horne, LHT Co-President.  “LHT users can now enjoy interactive features, detailed information and route maps at the new website,” said Becky Taylor, LHT Co-President.  “It offers specific, high-resolution mapping and guidance to help maximize trail experiences.”

According to Horne and Taylor, bicyclists and pedestrians can locate coordinates, directions, parking, rest-rooms, restaurants, scenic distinctions and other points of interest along the LHT route.  They can also discover the best ways to commute to school or work.

“We believe the new LHT website is simple to navigate and loaded with the tools individuals and families will need to get the most out of the trail,” said Horne.  “It’s an exciting time for us,” said Taylor.  “As the LHT grows, we need to maximize access for the public and our new website goes a long way toward meeting that goal.”