LHT Watershed


The Watershed segment of the LHT, owned and managed by the Watershed Institute, travels through the property of the Watershed Institute, a nearly 1,000-acre preserve of forest, wetlands, meadows and farmland. More than 10 miles of hiking trails wind through the property and pass by two historic farmsteads that date back to the 18th and 19th centuries.

LHT Watershed


DISTANCE: 1.7 miles


SURFACE: Pavement

START / END:  Wargo Road – Moores Mill Mt Rose Road

ACCESS:  Access to the LHT is from Titus Mill Road or Moores Mill Mt Rose Road.

PARKING: Parking is available at the Watershed Institute on Titus Mill Road.

The LHT crosses Titus Mill Road and continues north along Wargo Road for 0.3 miles on a paved off-road path. The trail merges onto Wargo Road and follows it for 0.65 miles to Bradford Lane. Along the way, the trail passes open fields, orchards, the Honey Brook Organic Farm, and crosses the Stony Brook. At Bradford Lane, the trail turns east into the Princeton Farms development. The trail follows Bradford Lane, then turns south onto Westcott Road for a short distance, east again on Darrow Drive, and north onto Weldon Way. The trail follows Weldon Way for 0.3 miles to Moores Mill Mt Rose Road.

The LHT passes through land owned and managed by the Watershed Institute. Began in 1949, and formerly known as the Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed Association, the Association became central New Jersey’s first environmental group. With an early focus on agricultural runoff, soil erosion, and stream sedimentation, the Institute now protects clean water and the environment through a combination of conservation, advocacy, science and education.

Along Wargo Road, the LHT passes the Honey Brook Organic Farm. Established in 1991, it is the oldest certified organic farm in the New Jersey and oldest CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program as well.

LHT Watershed Segment Map

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