When will it be finished?

Soon! Approximately 89 percent of the trail is complete, with only 5 short sections totaling 2.5 miles that remain to be built. It typically takes 2-3 years to get a section built and each of these remaining areas is in some phase of design planning. We hope to have the LHT completed by 2026.

Who owns the LHT?

Multiple public and private organizations own subsections of the land under and around the trail. These organizations make access to the trail available to the public as part of their commitment to our community.

How has the LHT been funded?

Funding for the trail comes from many sources.

Bristol Myers-Squibb and Educational Testing Service have provided significant financial support throughout the LHT’s history. Grants from public and private agencies and foundations have provided funding for various sections of the LHT, including the U.S. Department of Transportation, the N.J. Department of Transportation, the N.J. Department of Environmental Protection, the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission, and the William Penn Foundation.

Mercer County, Lawrence and Hopewell Townships have been key partners. Without their longstanding and enduring support, the LHT would not exist. Individual donations, large and small, have also helped support the LHT.

What is the surface of the trail?

Of the 19 miles of LHT currently completed, 8 miles are comprised of stone dust. The remainder is porous pavement or paved roadway.

Does the LHT meet trail construction standards?

Yes. National trail construction generally follows the same process as roadway construction. It must be designed, engineered, permitted, constructed, and include traffic signaling, crosswalks, and other mandated features. For trail standards the LHT follows AASHTO (American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials) standards, which have been developed to insure both the safety of all trail users and compliance with the requirements of the ADA for mobility impaired users.

Who can use the LHT?

Anyone. It is free to use. It is open to all bicyclists, skateboarders, joggers and other pedestrians of all ages and ability levels. The LHT is handicapped accessible wherever possible.

Are motorcycles or golf carts allowed on the trail?

No. Except for emergency vehicles, the off-road parts of the trail are not designed to safely accommodate motorized traffic. Motorized wheelchairs are allowed and much of the trail is wheelchair accessible.

What about pets?

Absolutely! All we ask is that you respect others and keep your animal leashed and. Please clean up any waste.

Is hunting allowed on the trail?

Mercer County Park Commission employs deer management programs in some of its locations. The LHT does not manage or control hunting on the lands through which it runs, but hunters may use the trails near where hunting is allowed.

For more information, please see!/about/deer-management/

Why should I support the LHT?

The LHT connects all that is valuable within our community. The LHT connects you to: recreation and open space, friends and family, neighborhoods and schools, businesses and work.

How can I support the LHT?

Lots of ways! You can:

  • Volunteer – We always need help. Email us!
  • Donate – Money or services
  • Promote – Talk us up with family and friends
  • Advocate – Tell elected officials you support the LHT
  • Enjoy – Use the LHT and encourage others to do so

How do I contact the LHT Corporation?

Email us at or use our Contact Form.

Thank you for your support!

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