Our 20 miles of trail in Lawrence and Hopewell Townships offer a wide variety of spaces to accommodate all kinds of activities. Read more below, then hit the trail with a sense of adventure.


A walk, even a short one, has many benefits. Exercise, slow down, connect with friends. Everyone can enjoy a walk!

Walking enthusiasts, outdoorsy folks, nature lovers and other friends and neighbors are invited to join a new club – the LHT Saturday Morning Walking Club. This walk will launch the Lawrence Hopewell Trail’s initiative to bring people together to enjoy the biking and walking trail that loops through Lawrence and Hopewell Townships.

The Walking Club meets at 9:30 AM the second Saturday of each month.  Please join our mailing list to keep up to date on trail events and news.


Letterboxing is an outdoor hobby that combines elements of orienteering, art, and puzzle solving. These small, weatherproof boxes are located in publicly accessible places and provide clues to finding the box in printed catalogs, on one of several web sites, or by word of mouth. Individual letterboxes contain a notebook and a rubber stamp. Finders make an imprint of the letterbox’s stamp in their personal notebook, and leave an impression of their personal signature stamp in return.


Speed up the pace. Runners can get the same benefits and see more of the trail.


 “Its like riding a bike”. Biking is an easy activity for all ages and skill levels, from novice to committed riders.


Our furry friends need exercise too!


 Equestrian enthusiasts will find miles of trails available in Mercer Meadows- some of it along the LHT.


We all need to take a few minutes to slow down and appreciate the natural world around us. The LHT offers many stunning locations for a bit of solitude and observation.


Winter use of the LHT is a special opportunity. So, when the snow piles up, bring out the skis or shoes.


Grab the family and/or friends and enjoy a snack or grand meal. The LHT passes through several parks with picnic tables and pavilions.


Try to locate these hidden containers using GPS. There are 50+ geocaching sites in Hopewell and more than a dozen along or close to the trail.

Why Support The LHT?

It takes a whole community to make something this good. Thank you for your support!


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