Thank You, Eleanor and Becky!

The Board of Trustees of the Lawrence Hopewell Trail, thousands of trail enthusiasts, leaders and the public at large throughout our two towns and all of Mercer County, and our invaluable partner institutions extend our deepest thanks to Eleanor Horne and Becky Taylor for their two decades of hard work on our behalf. We get to enjoy the hard-won fruits of their vision, their persistence, and their sheer hard work to make the Lawrence Hopewell Trail a central element of our “social infrastructure” – a physical place that delivers so many social benefits and draws people together.

Here’s how they describe what this experience has meant to them.

LHT Eleanor Horne
The idea of a community-led partnership with businesses, local and county governments, nonprofits, and outdoor enthusiasts was a novel and intriguing way to build a trail, a permanent amenity that all could enjoy. Even after 20 years of working on the trail, I am still excited when I see families, teens, and seniors walking, running, or biking on the LHT.

I am even more thrilled knowing that my grandchildren’s children will have the same opportunity for fun, fitness and an alternative to gas-guzzling, air polluting vehicles. At times I think of the LHT as a gift to the community.

At other times, I celebrate the joy and privilege of working on the LHT as a gift to me from the hundreds of friends and neighbors who have joined in this incredible endeavor. I will be forever grateful!


LHT Becky Taylor
Working to create the Lawrence Hopewell Trail over the past 20 years has been the experience of a lifetime — and almost as long! From the beginning, we had two goals in mind: to create a safe, family friendly trail through our communities and to establish positive, collaborative relationships with members of both the public and private sectors.

Working side-by-side week after week, year after year, we have forged amazing friendships and more inclusive ways of working and living. What fun to join fellow LHT enthusiasts on the trail, enjoying nature and each other.

This reminds me of what may have sparked my personal passion for trails. When I was a child, my mom used to sing “Happy trails to you” every night as she put my sister and me to bed. As she sang to us, “Until we meet again.”