The first Saturday in June marks a very important holiday for us at the Lawrence Hopewell Trail: The American Hiking Society’s National Trails Day. Falling on June 6th this year, National Trails Day is an opportunity to recognize the many benefits the LHT and all trails provide for recreation, exploration, health, and access to our natural world.

And, this year, we want National Trails Day to be about more than just getting out on your local trail. The coronavirus pandemic gave many of us a glimpse of what life is like without access to our parks and trails; without opportunity to gather and explore. Those restrictions have made it clear just how much we need our trails, our parks, our green and wild spaces. We encourage all of you to put your new found appreciation to work by spreading the word about what trails mean to you, and by inviting your friends and family to explore the LHT with you or on their own. Of course, you can also make a donation to support the LHT, which was developed by the community for the community. In other words, make a Trails Day resolution and keep it in 2020.

LHT Justin Stetka photo

photo by Justin Stetka

The timing of Trails Day couldn’t be better – June marks the 16th anniversary of the opening of the first constructed segment of the LHT, at the ETS campus on Rosedale Road. And May marked the anniversary of the opening of our very first trail segment, Lawrenceville Main Street, which required no construction, only signage. Coinciding with the annual Lawrenceville Main Street Jubilee in 2004, we celebrated with a ribbon cutting performed by local children on tricycles and training wheels. And, just last week we reached 1,000 followers on Instagram!

LHT Celebrating National Trails Day 2020

photo by Mercer County Park Commission

It’s a very exciting moment for the LHT and the community of volunteers, elected officials, trail advocates, and fans who made it a reality. We hope you’ll celebrate with us! Start by rediscovering our miles of trails this weekend. We are open and, whether you’re hiking or biking, birding or geocaching, strolling or working out, there’s no better chance to get outside and join us. Don’t forget to share your experience – use hashtags #NationalTrailsDay and #LHTrail; and bring your mask.