Celebrate Trails Day (formerly Opening Day for Trails) falls on Saturday, April 24, 2021. This celebration encourages people all across the country to get outside and enjoy the nation’s exceptional trails and trail systems!

LHT Trail Sculpture

Celebrate the LHT by enjoying a walk, run, or ride on your favorite part of the trail. And…while you are out on the trail, we invite you to take a few minutes to create and share some nature sculptures. If you are not familiar with nature art, it is simple, fun, free and it gets you outside exploring while using your creativity and imagination.

Simple steps for creating fun and visual environmental art or natural sculptures:

  • Wander the trail, surrounding park or forest.
  • Gather natural materials such as pebbles, rocks, leaves, sticks, seed pods, berries (please use non-living materials).
  • Look for a variety of different colors, textures (smooth, rough, scaled), and shapes (round, square, random).
  • Arrange your materials. This could be a 3-dimensional shape or a 2- dimensional mosaic. Use your imagination!
  • Depending on where your art is located, and what it is made of, you can leave it until wind or rain take it away.

Remember to take a photo and share it with the LHT!

LHT Trail Art
LHT Trail Art
LHT Trail Art
LHT Trail Art