LHT Summer Bingo

Back in January — in the middle of a hard, pandemic winter — we introduced our LHT Winter Bingo card. Now we are back, life is slowly becoming a bit more normal, and the weather’s fine. So, let’s do it all over again with the LHT Summer Bingo card. Better weather, fewer restrictions — still a great thing to do with the kids.

We suggest you print out this bad boy, gather up the crew, and set out for a walk on our 22-miles of trail. You’ll get some air and exercise, you’ll relieve some stress, and you’ll get your kids engaged in nature and the scenery along the trail.

Look for cardinals and wild grasses; spiderwebs and paw prints; dandelions and birds’ nests. Play for a five in a row on today’s walk; or keep your cards until you fill the board. Have fun!

LHT Ladybug