Our first phase of Art on the Trail, a celebration of Landscapes inspired by the LHT, has come to a close. Now, it’s time to celebrate those inspiring contributions from local artists – professional and amateur, across various media, each creator taken with different scenes along our 22 miles of trail. Currently, we are accepting new art featuring LHT Waterways. Keep creating, we can’t wait to see your work. And, be sure to check out previously featured artists in our gallery for inspiration.

Instagram: @meghanbruce13

LHT Art on the Trail Meghan Bruce

Meghan Bruce, courtesy of the artist

Meet Meghan Bruce – a Princeton resident and athlete who is wrapping up a physical therapy program at Rutgers. She’s always created, but since 2010 she’s been immersed in painting acrylic landscapes inspired by the vistas she encounters as she trains.

LHT: Can you share a biography or Artist’s Statement?
Meghan: I am currently entering my final year in Rutgers University’s Doctor of Physical Therapy program and am looking forward to becoming a physical therapist next year! I have lived in Princeton for the past eight years since graduating college and was assistant manager at Princeton Running Company prior to physical therapy school. I am a runner and triathlete and have logged hundreds of miles on the LHT while training.

LHT: How long have you been creating? What inspired you to start or restart creating art?
Meghan: I have been creating art since before I can remember, but I started having a continuous supply of paints and canvases around 2010. I started painting pictures of family and friends’ houses to give as gifts but became especially inspired in recent years to create landscape paintings of the beautiful scenes from my runs and bike rides.

LHT: What is your preferred medium or media?
Meghan: I prefer acrylic paint because of its bold color quality and how easy it is to work with, on canvas or wood.

LHT: Is all your artwork inspired by nature?
Meghan: Most of my artwork is indeed inspired by nature! I also enjoy painting bike silhouettes on a gradient, abstract background.

LHT: What about the LHT inspires you? What are your favorite segments?
Meghan: I love how the LHT can be used as an alternative for commuting and adventuring around Lawrence and Hopewell without a car! I hope more connections are created in the future and that other towns use it as an example to get more people off the roads and onto the trails. One of my most surreal memories of the LHT is doing a summer solstice ride at dusk and rounding the corner into Maidenhead Meadows to find a thick layer of mist between the treetops and the ground, with lighting bugs blinking everywhere! It’s hard to pick a favorite segment but I’d say the trails near the Pole Farm and Carson Road Woods are my two favorites.

LHT: How did you discover the LHT?
Meghan: I’ve been running at Rosedale Park and Mercer Meadows since my team would go there for practice in college, back when it was called Mercer County Park Northwest on the map. I’ve seen the trails there evolve since then and have kept up with all the new segments, adding them to my long run routes as they were completed. One of my go-to 20-milers during marathon training the past few years has involved taking the towpath to Meadow Road and then heading to Village Park and Mercer Meadows for a big loop. It’s perfect because it involves some soft surfaces and water fountains halfway!

LHT Art on the Trail Meghan Bruce Mt Rose Distillery

Mt. Rose Distillery, courtesy of the artist

LHT: Do you have advice or messages for other artists (adults, kids, novices, pros) encouraging them to get outside and create art inspired by the LHT?
Meghan: I prefer doing almost everything outside that can be done outside — most of my painting is even done outside, even if I’m painting from a photo and not actually at the location I am painting. There is something for everyone on the LHT, and I encourage everyone to see what it can offer for them! In regard to art, the possibilities are endless. If I had a good camera, I would love to take photos at night, dawn, or dusk to capture some of the beauty I’ve seen there in those hours, if anyone is up for that challenge!

LHT Art on the Trail Meghan Bruce Washington Crossing Bridge

Washington Crossing Bridge, courtesy of the artist

LHT Art on the Trail Meghan Bruce Sunrise at Sprice Point

Sunrise at Spruce Point, courtesy of the artist

LHT Art on the Trail Meghan Bruce View from Pitchoff

View from Pitchoff, courtesy of the artist

LHT Art on the Trail Meghan Bruce Bear Silhouette

Bear Silhouette, courtesy of the artist

LHT Art on the Trail Meghan Bruce Stop Hate

Stop Hate, courtesy of the artist

LHT Art on the Trail Meghan Bruce Rainbow

After the Storm, courtesy of the artist