Art on the Trail – a celebration of the LHT and the artists and creators of all ages and skill levels who enjoy it – is now launched and live. And, what better way to encourage our creative friends to share their LHT-inspired artwork than by featuring some of the artists who helped inspire Art on the Trail, including previously featured artists Nicky Belletier, John Marshall, and Ben Nicolson.

Meet Linda Bradshaw – an artist and arts educator who paints in acrylics, oils, and watercolors – which are her favorite. She splits her time between Pennington and Vermont and has shared paintings with the LHT in the past.

LHT Linda Bradshaw headshot

Linda Bradshaw, courtesy of the artist

LHT: Can you share a biography or Artist’s Statement?
Linda: I am originally from New York but have been in New Jersey longer, so I guess I am a “Jersey Girl” now. My husband and children and I moved to Pennington in 1981 and we are still in love with the beauty of the area. I taught art in the Hopewell Valley Regional Schools for 26 years and was involved at the start of the Hopewell Valley Arts Council. I painted an ox for the Hopewell Stampede, mine was actually along the trail on Old Mill Road. I paint regularly with the Artists at the Station and have helped with the Art at Pennington Day for 30 years. I participate in local shows and anything the Hopewell Valley Arts Council does. I always have a painting in progress or ideas and photos for inspiration in my studio and try to paint every day.

LHT: How long have you been creating? What inspired you to start or restart creating art?
Linda: My Mom said I drew recognizable deer when I was three years old and I have always loved to draw. I majored in art in high school and art education in college. I have always been drawn to art museums and representations of nature in painting.

LHT Linda Bradshaw Kerr Farm

Kerr Farm, courtesy of the artist

LHT: What is your preferred medium or media?
Linda: As an art education major, I learned all facets of art and fell in love with watercolor. It is portable and enables me to focus on light because the white of the paper has to be left pristine throughout the whole painting process. I have oil painted and used acrylics and pastels, but watercolors always win out.

LHT: Is all your artwork inspired by nature?
Linda: I am inspired by light and shadow in nature and the changing seasons. I have four grandsons who constantly challenge my ability to paint them in all of their joyous enthusiasm and expressions. I love to paint anything that light plays upon and challenges me to recreate it with paint.

LHT: What about the LHT inspires you? What are your favorite segments?
Linda: I frequent the parts of the trail that go through Pennington and Hopewell Township near my home: The Kerr Farm on Pennington Rocky Hill Road, the Mcdougalds’ Barn on Old Mill Road, Wargo Road and the Watershed Farm. I walk it and ride my bike. I know where I can park and feel safe to paint on the side of the roads and the farmers know me, so they smile and wave. I have painted vistas of open land on Pennington Lawrenceville Road particularly in early morning and at sunset.

LHT Linda Bradshaw Vermont Rooftop

Courtesy of the artist

LHT: How did you discover the LHT?
Linda: I am so lucky to live right near the trail as it comes down Wargo Road and the signs are everywhere now. It is such a blessing to know that this land will always be there for the communities.

LHT: Do you have advice or messages for other artists (adults, kids, novices, pros) encouraging them to get outside and create art inspired by the LHT?
Linda: While photos are amazing, I think painting outside en plein air on the LHT gives one a sense of freedom to explore light, shadow, atmosphere and the environment in our own community. People stop and talk and ask questions or I paint with friends and it’s a wonderful two hours before the light changes. It taught me to loosen up and paint faster and more boldly. When I can get a grandchild to come out and paint with me it is truly special. I always have a bag with painting supplies and my painting chair or easel ready to go in a moment’s notice when the weather cooperates, and I can look at my paintings and see such a difference between those worked from a photo and those done on location.

LHT Linda Bradshaw Birch Trees

Courtesy of the artist

LHT Linda Bradshaw Boats

Courtesy of the artist

LHT Linda Bradshaw Vermont Barn

Courtesy of the artist

LHT Linda Bradshaw Vermont Farm

Courtesy of the artist

LHT Linda Bradshaw Grandson Portrait

Courtesy of the artist