Our first phase of Art on the Trail, a celebration of Landscapes inspired by the LHT, has come to a close. Now, it’s time to celebrate those inspiring contributions from local artists – professional and amateur, across various media, each creator taken with different scenes along our 22 miles of trail. Currently, we are accepting new art featuring LHT Flora and Fauna. Keep creating, we can’t wait to see your work. And, be sure to check out previously featured artists in our gallery for inspiration.

LHT Art on the Trail Helene Mazur

Helene Mazur, courtesy of the artist

Meet Helene Mazur – a Princeton resident who works in business coaching and strategic planning but finds herself immersed in the joy of art. Fond of various media, Helene gravitates to oil paint for its depth and richness.

LHT: Can you share a biography or Artist’s Statement?
Helene: Energized by fresh air and the ever-changing kaleidoscope of color and light in the everyday, I have fallen for the total immersion and intense pleasure of trying to capture the essence of place. When I can’t paint outside, I take photos, make sketches, re-live memories with paint, and sometimes create totally new worlds in the studio.

Despite no formal art schooling I have become addicted to the regular practice of integrating art into my life. Whether it be experimenting with paints, pastels, or mixed media, visiting museums, attending art shows or participating in workshops, I can’t get enough.

In my career as a business coach and strategic planning facilitator I help others combine the art of possibility with the discipline of focused action. The process involves envisioning the future, building on ideas and values, strengthening resolve, and working through obstacles along the way; interestingly quite similar to the process of creating art. I have always thrived on the opportunity to apply left and right brain activities in pursuit of a strong, result.

Art provides me with an abundant source of inspiration and renewal, enabling me to more fully support others. The magic of the outside, the endless gift of seeing the world in new ways, the challenge of being able to create then share a perspective, and the myriad of talented people I have come to know along the way are the spark that keeps me growing.

I live in Princeton, New Jersey with my husband Peter. My two adult children both live on the west coast.

LHT: How long have you been creating? What inspired you to start or restart creating art?
Helene: I have always created, but started painting on a regular basis about eight years ago.

LHT: What is your preferred medium or media?
Helene: I love color and texture and prefer working in oil, pastels, and mixed media.

LHT: Is all your artwork inspired by nature?
Helene: My art is often inspired by the outdoor world, and all of the color, light, texture, and sounds that can be found there, all of which are constantly changing. However, I am equally excited about painting city scenes, architecture, or people.

LHT: What about the LHT inspires you? What are your favorite segments?
Helene: It is accessible and diverse and local.

LHT: How did you discover the LHT?
Helene: A friend, Michael Gray, was on the original LHT board and worked towards its initial creation.

LHT: Do you have advice or messages for other artists (adults, kids, novices, pros) encouraging them to get outside and create art inspired by the LHT?
Helene: Yes! There is so much natural beauty so close to home where it is safe to set up an easel, bring out a bike, glide on cross country skis, or put some miles on your sneakers.

LHT Art on the Trail Helene Mazur ETS

“This 11×14” oil painting was created en plein air on the Lawrenceville Hopewell trail by the entrance near ETS. It was a gorgeous day out and the shadows were so pretty. It was such a peaceful experience painting on the trail for a few hours. The painting experience totally impacts my work as I bake all of the sights, sounds, light, color and temperature into each brushstroke,” courtesy of the artist

LHT Art on the Trail Helene Mazur Walking Path

Walkingpath, courtesy of the artist

LHT Art on the Trail Helene Mazur Carnegie Lake

Carnegie Lake, courtesy of the artist

LHT Art on the Trail Helene Mazur Houses on Lake

Houses on the Lake, courtesy of the artist

LHT Art on the Trail Helene Mazur Creek

Painting by Helene Mazur, Courtesy of the artist

LHT Art on the Trail Helene Mazur Oakleaf Hydrangea

Oakleaf-Hydrangea, courtesy of the artist

LHT Art on the Trail Helene Mazur Painting en plein air

Helene Mazur, courtesy of the artist