It’s a pleasure to welcome the newest members of the LHT’s amazing all-volunteer board. Read on for a bit about how they found the LHT and what they hope to accomplish.

Wills Kinsley

LHT Board Member Wills Kinsley

What do you hope to accomplish as a board member of the LHT?
I’m excited to join the board at a pivotal time and help oversee the completion of the LHT while looking forward and anticipating how the next generation will interact with and enjoy the trail. I’m excited to help the LHT connect to places and people who can benefit from this beautiful resource and to make this trail a part of people’s lives in their journeys near and far.

How did you come to find the trail and get involved?
I have been cycling the trails of central New Jersey since before the training wheels came off my bike. For years I have been using LHT segments as a great way to link up routes on longer road rides from my home in Trenton to Lawrence, Hopewell, and beyond. Volunteering for the Full Moon Ride was my introduction to many of the folks who make the LHT happen and I am delighted they asked me to be a part of the board!

Uma Purandare

LHT Board Member Uma Purandare

What do you hope to accomplish as a board member of the LHT?
It is an honor to represent Hopewell Township on the board of the LHT and to be part of this wonderful organization. The LHT has been built on a solid foundation and the generous support of local and state governments, businesses, nonprofit organizations, and our community members. This trail has so much to offer for residents of all ages throughout the year. We are proud of Hopewell Valley’s rural setting, natural landscape, and historic heritage, which has convinced many families to put down roots here. The LHT is environmentally friendly and provides opportunities for recreational activity, encourages residents to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and connects several communities. As a resident of Hopewell Township, I frequently visit the trail, appreciate the beauty, and experience the calm of being in nature.

I would like to continue to promote ongoing activities and provide residents the opportunity to stay connected to nature. I am overly excited that this trail is a member of the Circuit Trails network and looking forward to joining board members in providing needed support for this initiative. We will appreciate any feedback from the community which will help us identify priorities and make the trail even more enjoyable.

How did you come to find the trail and get involved?
I love the outdoors. The trail has easy access from my house, and I have seen its development from the beginning. Over the years, I have made many friends on the trail and enjoyed learning about native plant species and the local wildlife. It has been exciting to see new segments being proposed and built. I have come across many volunteers tirelessly working to spread the word about LHT at local events, like Hopewell Harvest Fair and Pennington Day. I admire the commitment that members of this community showed to completing this amazing project and showcasing the best of Hopewell Valley. Their work, in addition to my passion for the outdoors, inspired me to get involved as well. Being on the trail always energizes me and my family. Especially during the pandemic, my family and friends have used the walking trails and picnic areas around the LHT to have safe and scenic outdoor gatherings.

Hopewell Township has a continuous commitment to preserve open space. As a representative of Hopewell Township, I am proud to join the board members to support and contribute to meet the expected completion of the LHT!

Herman Snyder

LHT Board Member Herman Snyder Stony Brook Bridge

What do you hope to accomplish as a board member of the LHT?
As a board member of the LHT, I hope to learn more about the organization and the trail system. I hope to get to know fellow board members. And I hope to make a meaningful contribution in a spirit of collaboration.

How did you come to find the trail and get involved?
I was introduced to the trail because of my current occupation, project manager for the Mercer County Park Commission. In 2020, I managed the Stony Brook Pedestrian Bridge project (pictured). Consequently, I communicated with Eleanor Horne and Leslie Floyd fairly regularly. I was pleasantly surprised to learn of my nomination toward the end of last year.