by Cassie Ankener

Hey Guys!
So I recently was out having a nice study session with my friends on a cold snowy day in Starbucks right next to The Purple Cow. My friends and I then decided to go to TJ’s and after that, the Purple Cow. We then came to find that the Purple Cow was closed that day! Now, for some reason, I thought that my parents weren’t home and my house was about 1 1/2 miles away. We didn’t have anywhere else to go so I suggested that we walk back to my house. We walked all the way up the big hill that the Purple Cow lies on the bottom of and we paralleled village park all the way to my house. Now the cool thing is… that was actually part of the LHT trail! While I was walking, I saw signs of the LHT trail meaning that walking from Starbucks, to TJ’s, to the Purple Cow, to my house was on the LHT trail! Even though the walk was VERY cold from the Purple Cow to my house… VERY cold, I still had so much fun with my friends going on a 1 1/2 mile adventure. For those of you living in Lawrenceville or Hopewell, you should go on a mini walk around your neighborhood to see if you are also right near or even on the LHT!