The LHT’s first phase of Art on the Trail came to a close at the end of July and, as promised, we want to celebrate all the contributors who submitted artwork during those first two months – sharing Landscapes inspired by our 20 miles of trail running through Lawrence and Hopewell Townships.

A very big thank you to talented photographers David Morhaim, Summer Pramer, Caitlyn Rose, Aurelle Sprout, and Lauren Turkowski; and to Meghan Bruce, Helene Mazur, Tara McGowan, Pratibha Raju, and Janet Waronker for sharing their beautiful paintings. Stay tuned as we highlight these local talents, show off their LHT-inspired artwork, and talk to them about their other pieces, their process, and what makes them tick.

And, in the meantime, check out some of the contributors who inspired Art on the Trail, in our gallery.

Now through the end of September we are accepting Flora and Fauna artwork. We invite all creators of all ages and skill levels to upload their new drawings, paintings, videos and photos inspired by the trail.

Every other month, we’ll introduce a new theme for you to explore in any medium. At the close of each period, we’ll feature selected creations in virtual galleries on our website, across our social media channels, with local media, and by sharing your story, your website and your social media profiles to all our friends and followers. Be sure to tell us what inspired your piece when you submit your image.

For inspiration, take a walk along the trail with your camera and your art supplies, see our trail pics, or tap into your own imagination. The possibilities are endless!

Themes and submission dates –
Aug-Sep (submit by Sep 30, 2020): Flora and Fauna
Oct-Nov (submit by Nov 30, 2020): Waterways
Dec-Jan (submit by Jan 31, 2021): Still Life
Feb-Mar (submit by Mar 31, 2021): Architecture
Apr-May (submit by May 31, 2021): Self-Portrait

We cannot wait to see your creations; and to share them all with our community!

LHT Nicky Belletier MM Painting

Nicky Belletier, courtesy of the artist

LHT John Marshall Monarch Butterfly

John Marshall, courtesy of the artist

LHT Ben Nicolson Deer on the Trail

Ben Nicolson, courtesy of the artist

LHT Linda Bradshaw Kerr Farm

Linda Bradshaw, courtesy of the artist

LHT Mike Ankener Long Bridge

Mike Ankener, courtesy of the artist