Section 24 – Dyson Tract

Description: Off of Princeton Pike near Foxcroft Drive is the Dyson Tract, once a remediation site, this is now a beautiful Lawrence Township park that extends to the D&R Canal towpath. The trail here starts at the crossing of Princeton Pike and Foxcroft and continues about a mile through a former tree nursery before looping around and stopping in the small parking lot opposite the Joseph H. Maher J. Ecological Center.

At present the trail ends here. Riders can carefully use the shoulder and marked bike lane on Princeton Pike to continue toward the Brearley House and our trails at Princeton Pike Corporate Center or the newest section on Lewisville Road.

We are working on a lik here either to the canal tow path or the Brearley House off of Princeton Pike.

Coordinates: Lat: 40.30384 Lng: -74.69589. Calculate additional coordinates:

Directions: N/A

Status: complete – stone dust.  Parking lot at both ends, including one opposite Joseph H. Maher, Jr. Ecological Center, 3701 Princeton Pike (just south of Fackler Road) in Lawrence Township, NJ. Open trail marked in BLUE.

Surfacing: N/A; off-road and on Princeton Pike.

Length: 1.0 miles

Icons: None

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