Section 10 – Mercer Meadows County Park – Curlis Lake, Equestrian Center, Old Mill Road

Description: This trail segment connects Rosedale Lake with the woods around Curlis Lake and the Equestrian Center; all part of the new Mercer Meadows County Park. Trail construction is finished and amenities like the big dog park off Federal City Road are being built this year. When complete, it will highlight the natural beauty and wildlife found in the park. Observations posts and bird blinds are also planned. This section of the LHT will  loop behind the Equestrian Center and near the Master Gardener’s site and cross Federal City Road again and continue down Old Mill Road.  The bridge is now  open  and offers a beautiful look at the Stony Brook and the woods.

Phase III construction to connect the trail to the crossing at Rocky Hill Pennington Road and Bristol-Myers Squib Hopewell  should begin in the spring of 2013. When complete, the trail will go back off road and continue to  the end of the park at Pennington-Rocky Hill Road, and the  Hopewell Campus of Bristol-Myers Squibb on Pennington-Rocky Hill Road in Hopewell Township, NJ. At present, please use Old Mill Road, cross Pennington-Rocky Hill Road with caution and access the LHT on the opposite side of the road.

Coordinates: Lat: 40.322868 Lng: -74.76671. Calculate additional coodinates:

Directions: Address is 431 Federal City Road, Pennington, NJ 08534.

Status: Old Mill Road currently closed car during bridge repair.  Open to all types of bicycles and pedestrian traffic. Marked in BLUE. Some sections of trail may also be mowed path and slated for construction later this year.

Surfacing: Sections in part of Rosedale Park and Equestrian Center are complete; old Mill Road is existing public roadway, mowed path, packed earth; on and off-road.

Length: 2.5 miles

Icons: None

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