The mission of the LHT is:

To enhance the Lawrence Township and Hopewell Township communities by planning, designing, implementing, and maintaining a safer public system of biking and pedestrian trails with Bristol-Myers Squibb and Educational Testing Service serving as anchors for the trail to which other paths and projects might connect.

The LHT:

  • Is designed to provide residents and visitors with greater and more personal access
  • Is designed to be a safer alternative to roadways and contribute to the reduction of accidents
  • Is designed to be family-friendly and handicapped accessible, wherever possible.
  • Is intended to encourage healthy lifestyles, including exercise and physical fitness
  • Hosts alternative modes of transportation connecting businesses, shops, restaurants, schools, parks, open spaces, and transportation nodes to reduce reliance on automobiles, conserve energy, and combat pollution
  • Is constructed using environmentally friendly construction techniques whenever possible
  • Provides free recreational opportunities
  • Is a hub that provides links with other planned and existing local trail systems
  • Increases property values
  • Is a community activity producing a community amenity
  • Is a model for the development of private-public partnerships and shared services
  • Is an advocacy platform for cyclists and pedestrian issues such as access and safety