REI and LHT Trail Mix #1 Black Friday 2017

TRAIL MIX 1:   Mercer Meadows – Rosedale Park

Time:  10:00 AM

Distance:  Short- 2.5 miles (red). Long- 5.8 (red/orange)

Start:  Rosedale Lake parking area. Route returns to same location.

Route Description:

From Rosedale Lake, the LHT travels east along Rosedale Lake and through the woodland and fields surrounding the Stony Brook and Willow Pond. After rounding Willow Pond, the trail turns south and continues to Hunt House, a historic farmhouse built in the mid 1700’s, which now serves as the headquarters of the Mercer County Park Commission. The LHT continues south across Blackwell Road. To complete a short loop, follow a trail to the west along Blackwell Road, then turn north onto Maidenhead Trail to return to the LHT. Total distance is 2.5 miles.

For a longer outing, continue south on the LHT past Blackwell Road and follow the LHT through Mercer Meadows to the Pole Farm. As the trail turns south towards Keefe Road, continue west and north onto Twin Pines and Historic Farm Trails. Intersect with Maidenhead Trail, cross Blackwell Road, and return to the LHT.  Total distance is 5.8 miles.

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