Open Letter to Participants in The Super Moon Ride August 10, 2014

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Dear Super Moon Bicyclists,

Thanks to everyone who joined us at for a bike ride during the confluence of celestial events — a “super moon” and Perseid Meteor Shower – on August 10. The event, co-hosted by the Lawrence Hopewell Trail and the Mercer County Parks Commission, took place at Rosedale Park at Mercer Meadows.

We had about 300 more people than we anticipated. By the Friday prior to the Sunday ride, about 95 people had registered online. That night, however, the biking, astronomy and recreation enthusiasts just kept coming. By the time we finished registration, the crowd had grown to some 500 people.

We were thrilled and gratified that so many people wanted to join us for the historic moonlight ride. At the same time, the record crowd posed challenges for us. While we had arranged for almost a dozen ride marshals and a full complement of park rangers, we found ourselves understaffed for the crowd.

We thank many of you for reaching out to us after the event to offer suggestions for improvements and to express some frustration about the lack of adequate guides along the trail. We learned a great deal from our experiences that evening. The next ride we sponsor will benefit from that night’s challenges. Next time, we know we need better pre-registration, more ride marshals, better signage and more lighting to make the ride safer and more enjoyable.

We hope that you will bear with us as the trail nears completion and our programming increases. For those who would like to participate in a planning session for future events, please let us know by emailing us your interest at

In the meantime, please enjoy the trail, which, when done, will be about 23 miles long. Now about 90 percent complete, the trail winds its way through Lawrence and Hopewell Townships and connects to many of the surrounding communities.

Happy trails to you!

Eleanor Horne, Co-president
Becky Taylor, Co-president
Jay Watson, Board member