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What’s New For Summer?

  • Construction of a connection from Bristol-Myers Squibb Hopewell to the bridge near King George St. in Pennington starts this summer. Great news for Pennington Borough!
  • The crossing at Princeton Pike Corporate Center from the Brearley Oak and Lenox Drive  takes riders to a new scenic and rolling section of trail along Lewisville Road.  Construction for the Lawrenceville School connector is underway and should be complete later this spring. This means trail users are completely off of Lewisville Road.
  • Mercer Meadows County Park will complete the trail extension from Old Mill Bridge to Rocky Hill-Pennington Rd. Construction starts June 24.
  • The connection from the Twin Pines Athletic fields to Mercer Meadows and the LHT is open, including a boardwalk section. This beautiful connector opens up the trail to those living west of Federal City Road.
  • Mercer County will restore the trail connection at Van Kirk and Cold Soil. So residents in that neighborhood will be able to get onto the LHT  in the Pole Farm district without extended travel on Cold Soil Road.
  • The crossing of Princeton Pike from Foxcroft to the new Dyson Tract Park trail on Princeton Pike is complete .
  • The trail is about 80% complete and accessible now.