‘What’s new on LHT’

October 10, 2012 by  
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Mercer Meadows – lots of improvement projects all happening this fall and winter, weather permitting of course.

  • Trails are cleared and mowed through most of the  Phase 3 areas. Construction should begin this month.
  • Half of the Twin Pines connector is complete
  • Area around the dam on Rosedale will likely be the last section done as it is difficult for larger equipment to get in.
  • The two barns, at Hunt House and Keefe road, contracts awarded for rehabbing those buildings.
  • Directional and interpretive signage installation is underway., Benches, bike racks, solar-powered lavatories and other amenities to follow.
  • New, innovative, “barrier-free” playground to be installed at Rosedale, equipment has already been delivered
  • Dog Park at Rosedale to follow after playground.
  • Companion Maidenhead trail construction underway