LHT Links to East Coast Greenway

June 12, 2010 by  
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The East Coast Greenway (ECG) is quickly taking shape as the urban alternative to the Appalachian Trail. Winding over 2600 miles through cities, suburbs, villages and countryside from Maine to Florida, it offers bicyclists a journey of discovery through the culturally and naturally rich eastern seaboard of the United States.
The ECG corridor is a linear park, with the potential for many connecting trails, up and down the east coast. When completed fully, it will be a common meeting ground for residents and communities all along the corridor. People of every age and ability now use portions of the ECG for recreation, tourism, fitness and transportation. It facilitates daily exercise for millions of Americans with the appeal of being safe, close to home and free.
The LHT connects to the ECG in Lawrence Township at the Brearley House (Section 1) via the Great Meadow Trail and the D&R Canal Towpath.
The ECG has an interim route in place linking 25 American cities, and offers maps and cue sheets so that people can use the corridor easily and safely. You can find out more by visiting the East Coast Greenway Alliance Website at www.greenway.org.