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Nighttime bike ride set for Saturday, August 29, at Mercer Meadows Check in time for this year’s Full Moon Ride, a special night hosted by the Lawrence Hopewell Trail and the Mercer County Park Commission, is 9 p.m. on Saturday, August 29, at the parking lot at Rosedale Lake in Mercer Meadows, Hopewell Township. As many as 600 bicyclists aged 12 and... [Read more]

Officials, Community Members participate in Ribbon-Cutting of the Lawrence Hopewell Trail at Mercer Meadows

 (HOPEWELL, N.J.) — When Mercer County government and park officials began developing a master plan for a series of parks nestled in Lawrence and Hopewell Townships several years ago, they knew it would be important to connect key elements through a trail system. Simultaneously, the Lawrence Hopewell Trail Board of Trustees had been hard at work... [Read more]

Mercer County, Lawrence Hopewell Trail to celebrate LHT as backbone to Mercer Meadows Trails System

(HOPEWELL, N.J.) — Mercer County Executive Brian Hughes, Mercer County Parks Commission Executive Director Kevin Bannon and the Lawrence Hopewell Trail board will celebrate a collaboration that has resulted in six miles of the LHT being built as the backbone to an extensive trail system at Mercer Meadows. The 1,600-acre park has been completely re-created... [Read more]

Bruce Ellsworth commutes by bicycle on the LHT

In this video, Bruce Ellsworth walks us through his bicycle commute on the LHT.  He has a shorter, more direct “down-to-business” northern route to work in the morning and a more lengthy, leisurely and scenic “southern” route for his ride home in the afternoon, using most of the LHT in total. He talks about scenery, wildlife,... [Read more]

Hop on Your Bike and Ride to Work Friday

Lawrence Hopewell Trail invites Mercer County employees to cycle to work and share their commute via selfies (LAWRENCE, N.J.) — The Lawrence Hopewell Trail Board of Trustees is calling on workers of Mercer County to leave their car keys at home on Friday and instead hop on their bikes to commute to work. In recognition of... [Read more]